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InuYasha's Journal for Stuff about Stuff I do [entries|friends|calendar]
InuYasha... and stuff... Keh

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[ mood | pissed off ]

Okay so I was on this site called "Ebay" yesterday and I was looking for Eva stuff.
I decided it would be cool to see what kind of stuff they were selling with me in it from Kagome's manga-thingy that she's doing.
Keh there was such stupid stuff--- who would want to drink out of a cup with my stupid half brother on it.
There were also these things called "doujinshi." I don't know exactly what they are but I know they aren't real, and I know Kagome doesn't do them because there is REALLY STUPID AND GROSS stuff in some of them.
I found this one called "Hyoukai" and it is about me as a kid. I know it didn't really happen because Sesshoumaru is being nice in it, and he's so stupid... I know I would have remembered that even if I was little and stuff.

But it was SO cool because one of the people who was trying to buy it was ASUKA!
See here's the bidding history thing: Bidding history stuff with Asuka in it

Asuka wanted it because she thought I was cute!
It's so cool to know that Asuka thinks I'm cool too!
And she didn't want it because my brother is in it--- She thinks Sesshoumaru is stupid.

But Asuka had to go to bed because she had spent all day piloting her EVA, and that takes a lot out of you.
So she bid, and then THE STUPIDEST MOST EVIL THING EVER happened.

The THING'S boyfriend stole it from her so he could give it to the THING.
How dare that damn perverted Jakotsu steal the cute me doujinshi from Asuka!
He probably thought I was cute too... WHICH HE'S NOT ALLOWED TO.
Only Kagome and Asuka can think I'm cute!

First the things try to molest me and do...things with me--- and now THEY STOLE FROM ASUKA!

No one should steal from Asuka... *gets emotional*
She's had a hard life, and she deserves me beng cute if that's what she wants.

I hate things!

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Tonight I did stuff. [08 Sep 2003|06:22am]
[ mood | stuff-ed out. ]

Tonight was cool, for the first time ever Kagome and I did stuff in a bed.

We've only ever done stuff on the bathroom floor before, but after THE MOST TRAUMATIZING EVENT OF MY LIFE earlier today I decided I really needed to do stuff... or I would have thing germs on me for the rest of my life.

Besides *blush* Kagome kind of did save me from the things. So I guess I owed her for that and... yeh.

Keh--- stop looking at me like that.

Anyway, after doing stuff in a bed I decided to give Kagome a uhhh present for saving me from the things. I talked to Souta and he kept suggesting dumb things like flowers and candy. What kind of girl would want stupid stuff like that? Keh!

So instead I decided to give her one of those livejournals like the one I'm typing in right now.
*Blush* Now she doesn't have to reply about stuff anonymously, and she can write about her own stuff.
So here's Kagome's Journal: buyo_no_miko

Souta helped me set it up even though he said it was a dumb present, but I know better. Then Kagome filled out all the user stuff and information-y stuff.
*Looks at her info* Keh--- who would have "guys pinned to trees" as a livejournal interest?
...Oh wait... *blush*

Umm Kagome's asleep in bed after doing stuff, and Buyo's staring at me with his weird eyes. I'm going to go to bed now. *crawls in next to Kagome and hopes that I wake up before Kagome's mom comes in and squeals about how cute we are or something stupid like that in the morning like she did last time... also hopes for no nightmares about things*

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Asuka is cool. [02 Sep 2003|11:39pm]
[ mood | hungry for ramen or potato chips ]

Today I was talking to Kagome about a Holiday called "Hall-oh-ween"
She says it is something people do in Ah-mer-ika but people also sometimes do it in Japan.
Then she told me that people dress up on Halloween, and that she was probably going to come back to her time (KEH!) and do stuff as well.

I figured if I'm stuck in sengoku jidai on that stupid Holiday--- I may as well do stuff in Kagome's time instead. You know... because it's better than sitting in a tree... yah... that's the reason.

So I asked Kagome if I could do... stuff on Halloween. I asked if I could dress up as Asuka because Asuka is cool--- but Kagome said people would think it was weird since Asuka is a girl. Asuka is so cool that it doesn't matter--- and I don't like Shinji's plug suit as much so I would never do him.

I didn't know everyone in Japan knew about the kick ass-ness that is Eva--- but I guess they do.
Not that they can understand it like I can.

So she suggested I dress up like Arima from "KareKano"--- another Gainax series--- and the only shoujo that doesn't suck and stuff. Arima is cool and stuff--- but I wondered why she asked about him. She muttered something about "because it's you in a school uniform." I thought that was stupid--- I mean school is stupid and makes her go home to do stuff she should just stay in sengoku jidai for. So why would she want me to be in a "school uniform?"

So I'm taking a poll-thingy here---
You guys all have to respond with your choice.
Not that it really matters what you say because most of you are stupid or do things... but you have to reply anyway.

Should I do
Asuka Langley Soryuu from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Souchiro Arima from KareKano

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Stuff. [01 Sep 2003|06:49am]
[ mood | bumchickahbowow-ed ]

Keh- This is my livejournal thing. Kagome said I should make one to "vent my frustrations" or something like that. I just kick ass to vent my anger... so I'll just use it to talk about stuff.

Today was kind of stupid and kind of cool...
Like you know there were some stupid things and some cool things going on?

I spent the first part of the day walking back to the well because Kagome had school stuff to do. I was really annoyed that she had to go back, but decided that I could just stay there and watch my favorite episodes of "Evangelion" again.
I love Eva... it's so cool. If I ever had... some... stuff... to name, I would name it Asuka.
So on the way back to the well... I met my stupid half brother. He attacked me and then pinned me down... then left! The Hell? I didn't even have a chance to kick his ass because I'm better than him.
I guess he just decided to leave because he knew I could kick his ass because my sword is better and I'm so much cooler.

So in Kagome's time I ate ramen, watched EVA(!!!), and ate potato chips. Then I took another bath with Souta in those weird things with green water they bathe in. Souta didn't use the sudsy stuff this time... that's good. Sudsy stuff is stupid... Keh.

After that I sat down and watched the new Gainax series with Souta- It's so cool.... but everything Gainax is. Souta likes Gainax--- he's way cooler than other kids because of that.

I'm now sitting up here typing this on Kagome's "come-poot-ur" and she's looking at me funny... can she hear the bumchickahbowow too? She's looking to the bathroom. O_O
I guess I'm gonna go do... stuff with Kagome.

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